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Paimennus / herding

Paimennus / herding

One more passed herding instinct test

Today I judged one Beardie that passed the herding instinct test. Congratulations Topikan De Ville! He passed with the grades 4;4;3;4, average 3.67. He had exceptional courage for a new-beginner to challenge the stubborn ewes that were staring at him and stomping there front feet.

Letti and Pitsi passed the herding instinct test on 14.7.2013!

Both Letti and Pitsi were tested and they now have a document they have herding instinct :-) Results can be found at "Kesannon koirat" and under their own pages (in Finnish, sorry).

All test results from that day can be found at "Herding with Beardies in Finland".

Herding day today

Today we had a nice day out in Somero. We worked with all our dogs with sheep and they were all doing well (at their own levels). Tykki was practicing inside flanks, penning and stopping (with the last one we need to work most). Viira excercised self-control and in my opinion improved. Letti was doing driving and flanks and little-Pitsi practiced how to move those sheep and improved a lot during her three sessions. It was good experience, once again!

Last weekend was for herding...

We spend last weekend for herding. On Saturday we were practicing for Sunday's unofficial herding competition for Beardies. I also instinct tested 11 Beardies, out of 8 passed the test. Results are included in section "Herding with Beardies in Finland". Saturday evening we spent together with friends (+ Beardies) in a rented cottage; beautiful place on lakeside which especially our Beardies enjoyed ;-) We probably enjoyed more sauna, which was excellent wood-heated version.

Taippariviikonloppu / Herding instinct weekend 30.4-1.5

Tärkeimmät ensin eli tulokset - Results can be found at (take link "Herding with Beardies in Finland" on left, there "Herding instinct test" and there the "tested dogs").
Kimmo Klossner qualified me, Minna, to do Beardies' herding instinct tests.

Lauantaina hyväksyttyjä tuli kolme ja siellä jäi jotkut testatuista koirista ihan vähästä kiinni.
Kaikki vaan reenaamaan, niin kyllä se siitä!


Eilen oltiin Woollandiassa paimentamassa tällä kertaa kokoonpanolla meidän lauma ja lisukkeina Savanna ja Fauni. Riitta kun oli Meikun kanssa keräämässä kauneuspalkintoja Viron puolella ;-) Paimennuspäivän taika iski jälleen, ja kun pakkasta oli alkuviikosta ollut vaatimattomasti (oliko peräti plussaa), niin tokihan se heitti kovat pakkaset jo keskiviikon ja torstain väliseksi yöksi (-22C).

Minna herding with both Beardie boyz

Yes, you read the title correctly. Though Petsu is still more of Pertti's dog and Tykki is mamma's, I decided to take both boys herding last Saturday. We were supposed to go herding all together, but Pertti had to go elsewhere and we had one dog's time "for sale". I asked some of our friends to participate but they were not able to make it and so I decided to take a risk with Petsu.

Niisi 6 months today!

Niisi became 6 months today. So time flies... She did not get anything special as birthday present if we do not count on playing with her and cuddling a lot in the evening. Before that she had taken a good long nap since she was herding with Pertti. She is not much asking whether ewes want to be worked or not, but she works them. Full stop. She is also fast little beast so Pertti will have difficult time with her AND changing his own behavior from Petsu-mode to Niisi-mode, if not yet but soon...

Herding competition and a bit of Niisi

A week ago we traveled to Ekenäs, near Stockholm. Unfortunately Niisi could not join us since Sweden still stubbornly have the request for rabies antibody test and Niisi by no mean can yet have developed antibodies (after one shot). Thus she was left behind to live a weekend in Hervanta together with Katri, Olli and Hilma. Thanks to them we others were able to travel!

Round pen exercises

Some round pen exercises have been taken with Niisi at home pasture. It seems we need to learn something...


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