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Herding instinct test

Herding dogs from different breeds do not all herd in a similar way. Even within breed the individuals have different styles, but most of the Beardies are upright herding which means they do not lower their shoulders when starting working but they keep their head high. More about this in (another page, to come).

Not all Beardies are born with herding instinct, even in well-known herding breed Border Collie there are dogs without any instinct. When breeding criteria have been something else than retaining herding instinct, which has been case with non-herding Beardies, some blood lines do not have instinct anymore or the instinct is weak.

To study and see whether Beardies have any instinct left, there is a procedure called "herding instinct test". It is wrong to say it is a test, since there are different protocols and judging principles around. What I know there are official tests available at least in Sweden, USA (several test types) and Canada. There may be others, you are welcome to inform them and I will add them to the list. In Finland we have had first two inofficial herding instinct tests in 2005 and 2009, and more to come...

If you wish, go and see Beardies tested and passed in Finland

More to come, page is under construction...